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 * [:Cookbook/Histograms:Histograms] 2D histograms with variable bin width

This page hosts "recipes", or worked examples of commonly-done tasks. Some are introductory in nature, while others are quite advanced (these are at the bottom of the page). We encourage new users to post recipes even for simple tasks that are not yet represented here. Our goal is an easy learning experience for new users. Some of these recipes may be incorporated into tutorials in the future.

Scipy Central

NumPy / SciPy

Advanced topics

  • Views vs Copies A quick introduction to array views and some caveats on situations where you should expect a data view or a data copy.

Compiling Extensions

Scientific Scripts

Input Output


There are several packages available to produce interactive screen graphics (use the mouse to zoom, orient, and fine-tune) and publication-quality printed plots, in 2D, 3D, and 4D (animations). These packages have releases more frequently than SciPy. Rather than bundling out-of-date packages with SciPy, the plotting packages are released separately. However, their developers work closely with the SciPy developers to ensure compatibility.

  • Matplotlib cookbook. Matplotlib is the preferred package for 2D graphics.

  • 3D plotting with Mayavi. Advanced 3D data visualization with MayaVi2 (and TVTK): a very powerful interactive scientific data visualizer.

  • Python Imaging Library. Create/manipulate images as numpy array's.

  • Plotting with xplt. xplt is very fast but less flexible than matplotlib. It allows simple 3-d surface visualizations as well. It is based on pygist (included) and is available under the sandbox directory in SVN scipy.

  • Mat3d. Simple 3D plotting using an OpenGL backend.

  • Line Integral Convolution code in cython for visualizing vector fields

  • VTK volume rendering. This is a simple example that show how to use VTK to volume render your three dimensional numpy arrays.

  • Old Matplotlib recipes. The recipes on this page are being contributed to the Matplotlib project and will eventually be deleted from this Wiki.

Using NumPy With Other Languages (Advanced)

Scientific GUIs

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